What is Gram Staining or Principle of Gram Staining

So today we’ll discuss about Gram Staining,principle of Gram Staining.Well majority of bacteria are classified on the basis of Gram staining. We can divide the bacteria into 2 basic types on the basis of Gram staining characteristics i.e.

i.            Gram positiveGram + and Gram - difference

ii.            Gram negative

This is basically due to the difference in the cell wall of bacteria.

Principle of Gram staining

In Gram positive bacteria the cell wall is rich in peptidoglycan. In Gram negative the peptidoglycan layer is relatively thin. The bacteria with thick peptidoglycan layer in their cell wall don’t retain crystal violet when exposed to acetone iodine & thus take up counter stain becoming pink in color.

Well this for now.We’ll discuss about the Reagents of Gram Staining,Procedure of Gram Staining and interpretation of the results in next posts.
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