Anatomy of Inguinal Canal

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Levels of Structures passing through the Diaphragm

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Difference Between Direct and Indirect Inguinal Hernia

    Direct Inguinal Hernia                                                              Indirect Inguinal Hernia 1. Definition:         ...

Cranial Nerves and their Origin

Cranial nerves and it’s origin: Olfactory(1)–>Telencephalon Optic(2)–>Diencephalon Oculomotor(3)–>Anterior aspect of midbrain Trochlear(4)-->Dorsal ...

Peroneal Nerve Injury (Foot Drop)

What is the peroneal nerve? The common peroneal nerve branches from the sciatic nerve. It includes the deep and superficial peroneal branches. These nerves provide sensation to ...
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