Candida infection

Clinical Case # 2

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Gram + and Gram - difference

Reagents of Gram Staining

So in the previous post we learned about the Principle of Gram Staining  as i promised i’ll discuss about other things related to gram staining so here it is.Today we are going ...
Gram + and Gram - difference

What is Gram Staining or Principle of Gram Staining

So today we’ll discuss about Gram Staining,principle of Gram Staining.Well majority of bacteria are classified on the basis of Gram staining. We can divide the bacteria into 2 ...

Study of Microscope Its Parts & Functions

                              STUDY OF MICROSCOPE                              Microscope is the most commonly used piece of apparatus ...

Diseases caused By Streptococus Pyogenes | Mnemonics

Streptococcus pyogenes diseases are  caused by NIPPLES: Necrotising fasciitis and myositis I mpetigo P haryngitis P neumonia L ymphangitis E rysipelas and cellulitis S carlet fever/ ...
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