HOW TO APPLY FOR MRCP PART1 – Step by Step Guide

MRCP PART 1 is conducted 3 times a year.

January’ May and September.
The minimum eligibility criteria is 12 to 24 months after your graduation.

Youcan take MRCP 1 any-time after 12 months have passed since you have  graduated.

First of all’ make an account of yours on MYMRCP(UK).

Add all your details

In this way you will register yourself with central office ( I’m talking about foreign or international candidates )
Once you register ‘ Royal College of Physicians(RCP)  will send you RCP code number which will be specific to you and will be used for further correspondence.

Now you need :
1.. Primary Medical qualification or MBBS degree
2.. Forms
3.. Fees Check latest Fee and Test dates here

Now go to  MRCP UK website and download 2 forms.

Form A and B.

Scan them’ Fill with Black Pen’ and rescan.

Form B requires your credit card details… Royal College will deduct your fee from your account.

YOU CAN ALSO FILL FORMS ONLINE or you can send a check draft to Royal college.Transaction via phone is also possible.
Okay next is

Get a good photocopy of your degree preferably ‘ coloured ‘ get it attested by

Notary public

British Embassy or

Principal of your Medical College with a stamp of CERTIFIED TRUE COPY AND DATE STAMP

MRCP UK diploma holder.(Doctor who has done MRCP)

( form A and form B lists all those who can attest your degree)The date of attestation should be within 6 months of application .
Okay what if you don’t have a degree ‘ Then for Pakistani candidates ‘ get a scanned copy of all your detailed marksheets ‘ provisional certificate and PMDC registration certificate and get their photocopies attested as I mentioned above.
Now get these things arranged in a folder not more than 2 MB size ( i-e 2 forms filled ‘ and degree ) and send them to RCP

They will correspond with you when they get all this and will tell you about your exam seat.

I forgot to mention that in form there is a column for preference of exam centre. You will get a seat in your preferred centre if it NOT already fully booked.So, apply timely.All these details r mentioned on forms as well as on MRCP website. I wrote it because these were the problems I faced while I was applying for my exam.
A little bit addition to this post
MRCP 1 and MRCP 2 doesn’t require training.Its not compulsory but due to relative difficulty of this exam’ especially PACES.It’s better to do training under MRCP supervisor. Otherwise RCP doesn’t require it.


Courtesy Dr Iqra

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