GlassGlow Coma Scale/

GlassGlow Coma Scale

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Calot’s Triangle and it’s Boundries and contents

Boundries : Superior : Lower Border of Right Lobe of Liver Laterally : Common Hepatic Duct Medically : Cystic Duct Contents: ” 3C’s “ 1-Cystic duct 2-Common ...

Celiac Artery/Trunk Branches – Mnemonics

See the image for all the sub branches of main branches of Celiac Truck Love Her Smile Left Gastric Hepatic Splenic   Share this:FacebookTwitterGooglePinterestLinkedInEmailPrint

Difference Between Direct and Indirect Inguinal Hernia

    Direct Inguinal Hernia                                                              Indirect Inguinal Hernia 1. Definition:         ...

Cranial Nerves and their Origin

Cranial nerves and it’s origin: Olfactory(1)–>Telencephalon Optic(2)–>Diencephalon Oculomotor(3)–>Anterior aspect of midbrain Trochlear(4)-->Dorsal ...

Nail disorders with Color Changes

Nail Disorders with Color changes   Check out Health tips –> Click Here Share this:FacebookTwitterGooglePinterestLinkedInEmailPrint
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