Gram + and Gram - difference

What is Gram Staining or Principle of Gram Staining

So today we’ll discuss about Gram Staining,principle of Gram Staining.Well majority of bacteria are classified on the basis of Gram staining. We can divide the bacteria into 2 ...

Top Highest Paying Medical Jobs

There’s a reason parents dream their kids will grow up to be doctors — the profession consistently tops “highest paid” lists, medically geared or not, in addition ...

Bite Cells in G6PD Deficiency

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Cells Of Gastric Mucosa with Their Functions

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Neuroglial Cells and Their Functions and Distribution

NEUROGLIAL CELLS ::  a : MICROGLIA –> Scavenger cells, macrophages. b : OLIGODENDROCYTE –> Formation of myelin c : ASTROCYTE –> Formation of blood brain ...
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