Top Highest Paying Medical Jobs

There’s a reason parents dream their kids will grow up to be doctors — the profession consistently tops “highest paid” lists, medically geared or not, in addition ...

Study of Microscope Its Parts & Functions

                              STUDY OF MICROSCOPE                              Microscope is the most commonly used piece of apparatus ...

Cardiac Bio Markers

LAB DIAGNOSIS OF MYOCARDIAL INFARCTION: Cardiac markers are useful in diagnosis of M.I. Creatine Kinase: It is an enzyme that is highly concentrated in brain, myocardium and skeletal ...


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Absorption Of Vitamin B-12

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Erythroblastosis Fetalis

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COX 1 & 2 Pathways

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Electron Transport Chain and its Inhibitors

Inhibitors: Complex I – Rotenone,amytal Complex II – Carboxin Complex III – antimycin A Complwx IV – cyanide ions,CO,sodium azide Complex V – ...
amphibolic nature of TCA Cycle

Amphibolic Nature of TCA Cycle

Amphibolic Nature Of TCA Cycle : In aerobic organisms, the citric acid cycle is an amphibolic pathway, one that serves in both catabolic and anabolic processes. Besides its role ...

Different Types Of I/V Solutions and Their Composition

// Different Types Of I/V Solutions and Their Composition       // // ...
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